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Systems monitoring - Check_MK and Nagios

Why is monitoring filed as "Administration"?

I had been thinking to add a extra section for monitoring - most larger companies will have dedicated monitoring teams and dedicated monitoring servers that are "out of band" of the normal Admin staff.

But there are some benefits if you handle monitoring as another part of the administration realm:

What makes monitoring *monitoring*?


There are tools like the Nagios eventhandlers and the Check_MK inventory that allow to build a feedback loop of system changes and monitoring. Even before inventory was added Check_MK could already define quite smart rule-based monitoring that allows enforcing monitoring of assumptions about systems, like "Linux & DMZ & Webserver: must have a running IDS".

Of course these policies must be implemented using Configuration management, but Nagios monitoring can't be lied to. If someone breaks the config/infra managment system, then Check_MK will still be able to alert you that the system is very much out of policy.

This is why you find the monitoring stuff right here :)

Content general TODOs:

Sort Howtos by introductory / advanced and theoretical topics

What articles still needs to be written?


  • Installation guide, overview of different omd sources
  • Basic system monitoring and setting up rules
  • How the inventory check works and how you can use it
  • Defining host tags
  • When / how to still use host groups / service groups
  • link to GPLhost DTC wiki monitoring article
  • inline scripting



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