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Model / brochure & datasheet linkInterface TypeLink SpeedFlash TechnologyRead MB/sWrite MB/sRead IO/sWrite IO/sWrite IO/s in steady stateCache ProtectionOEM only modelBest use
PM830mSATA6MLC50090-26080k16k-36k2knoyesLaptop (or maybe embedded)
SM825, datasheetSATA3eMLC26023543k (35k)5.5k-11k (10k)5.5k-10kyesunknownlow-medium spec DB server, Proxy, Ceph Journal (low Bandwith, good latency)
840SATA6TLC530130-33086k-92k32k-70kunknownnono (this model seems to be out of market)Desktop
840 EVOSATA6TLC / SLC buffer540410-520100k32k-90k3.3knonoDesktop, Highspeed File Store (SOHO, etc)
840 PRO, datasheetSATA6MLC530390-520100k80k7knonoHighend Desktop, SW build server
PM843TSATA6TLC520330-41060k (87k)



2kyesyesWebserver (<10% write)
SM843TSATA6eMLC49036070k - 89k11k (13k)11kyesyeslow-medium DB Server, Nagios Server, SW build server (0.83PW write)
SM843TnSATA6MLC53036082k10k (13k)10k very very yes"high endurance" / high random IO (20-30% write), (4PB write)
SV843SATA63D V-NAND53043089k35k14kyesyes40-50% write (20PB write)
SM1625Dualport SAS6G (x2)eMLC848740101k38k38kyesunknownbusy DB server, Ceph Journal (high IOPS hosts, can probably get on top of Intel DC S3700), Flashcache.
SM1623 (new)SAS   950520 120k 26k  unknown 
850 PROSATA63D MLC V-NAND550470-520100k90k9k?nonoHighend Desktop
850 EVOSATA63D TLC-VNAND54052094k88-90k6.5knono 
950PROM.24x 25001500      
PM851 brochureSATA6TLC540270-410100k100k? unknownunknown"Mobile/Client"
845DC EVOSATA6TLC (w. SLC buffer)530270-41087k12k-14k12k-14kyesno (but not for sale yet)File Servers, Web Servers
845DC PROSATA63D MLC V-NAND53046092k50k49kyesno (but not for sale yet)VPS Hosts, lowend DB Server, Proxy, Ceph Journal (high capacity Ceph setup), Flashcache with limited hot data set.
PM853TSATA6TLC530270-41090k14k14kyesyes (OEM version of 845DC EVO)File Servers, Web Servers
XM1715SAS12        High endurance

SFF-8639 / NVMe



no"Class dominating read performance"

PCIe 3.0 / NVMe

4x (20gbps)3D (MLC) V-NAND30002200750k (740k?)

180k (130k)

unknownyesyesHigh throughput databases, crazy stuff
XP941PCIe 3.0/NVMe4xMLC1000-1170450-950122k72k(9k?) yes 
XP951PCIe/M.24x 2150155085k?130k?  yesInfo on this SSD is still questionable
SM951PCIe3.0/NVMe4x 16001000130k100k  yes

Info on this SSD is still questionable

SM863SATA and PCIe3.0/M.26 / 4x 32Gbps)3D V-NAND52048597k12k-29k yesyesHigh endurance (6PBW)
PM1633aSAS12g3D V-NAND       16TB model
PM863PCIe3.0/M.24x (32Gbps)3VV-VNANDNAND?20001200450k40k (max)   yes

could not yet find specs for the M.2 edition. 1.3DWD for this version.


3.84 TB model only in 2.5" casing

OEM models - I learned about those via reference of PureStorage's all flash arrays ("AFA"). Since they have protected caches I almost immediately went out and ebayed one. Yesterday I learned they aren't for public sale and this "could" be a hunch they won't support them with new firmware for home users to download. Also consider: If this is OEM only, how trustworthy is the company selling them to you as an end user / integrator? Anyway, If I'm offered a cheap Dell C6220 fully loaded with them, I won't ask twice... heck, why would I :)