Questions for BEN chat

+ Configuration details:

Are they still using


manual tags?

secondary tags (WATO)?

Did they use service groups? do they still?

Is this stuff assigned based on rules?

+ Configuration management:

Ideas about re-use of standardized config - having one config that only loads hostname lists and is 100% same on all boxes?

Are they backing the config with a SCM? automated checkin/checkout using hooks?

Is it driven from any central management tool (cfengine, puppet, bcfg, chef...ksh stacks)

Are they using WATO / Distributed WATO?

+ Config dynamics: Example: 

we can set the variable monitoring_host in our config to influence what the parent scan considers the root node.

monitoring_host = "" 

But we can also do something dynamic using sys.uname or os.system.

import sys, os

monitoring_host = os.system("hostname") 

+ "Data pump":

Does the config load any dynamic data?

+ Tinkering and Fudging of data:

Did they ever consider stuff like service_descriptions.update()

+ Scaling:

Did they have to do much modifications over what a general OMD setup has?

+ Advanced features:

How commonly using averaging, trending?

Do they have different trending sets?

+ ALI3Ns constant questions about --scan-network