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I recently found a server where /tmp was not a physical partition, instead it was just a folder.

This has various critical implications I can't accept on a production network. To hunt down the misconfigure systems, I want to use Check_MK.


This article will describe how to configure an enforcing rule using the Check_MK manual checks.




Due to a bug, this method currently doesn't work! Please check back in a few weeks.


Step-by-step guide

  1. In "Storage, Filesystems and Files" head for the Filesystem mount options rules
  2. Select "Create rule in Folder" to add one :)

  3. This will choke on restart due to existing services for /tmp.
  4. To fix this, head to Monitoring Configuration -> Disabled Services and add an entry that excludes the /tmp mount options check at inventory time.
  5. Next, do a bulk inventory to remove the services for /tmp
  6. Then it should work correctly.