Hello Sysadmins!

My name's Florian, I'm a systems administrator / consultant from Germany and I'm also the guy who wrote the content here.

I put up this site since I wanted a real good tool for sharing "HOWTO"s, and because I think some topics in this line of work need more coverage than just a "howto".

I think to get really good at what you do, you need not just to know how to do something, but also to know why you'd do it that way. But in fact, there is almost no documentation on the "why". This dooms people to either blindly rely on information, or to tinker around and make the same errors we've all made. Then they'll probably arrive at similar work methods but there still wouldn't be a place for discussing it and comparing the steps we do for a task.

I hope to help change that a little - at leat for the things where I can answer it. I'd love to bring in more editors at some point. My own content is from the Unix administration, Monitoring and virtualization areas, but there's much more to cover!

Along the same line I've also added links to some of the very best sites with documentation / howtos for administratior's knowlegde.

I'm discussing with some of them because one of the "killer" Features that made me pick Confluence for this site is the extensive printout support. The content would stay at their sites and just be displayed here in their original style, giving a portal that lets you access all the best information from one place. Ideally one can still hit "print to pdf" and end up with a full Unix admin book?

Talking of books, I've also built a book finder that is a tree-based pile of books and reviews. For each topic there will be a good entry level book (or PDF), and each that follows down the tree is the next level of complexity in a topic. Each book is worth knowing about and at least in my opinion better than the others in it's area.