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The journaled Softupdates are a newer feature and might be enabled on your systems.

Some issue with them is that they break ufs snapshots. Most of the time you'll prefer having snapshots over having the faster fsck, sometimes not.

What's worse though is if you use Amanda for backups. Not just because Amanda is horrible, but also because it does the right thing[tm] meaning it uses dump with UFS snapshots.

So if sujournal is enabled you cannot backup your server with the default Amanda algorithm.

In my case this affected the root filesystems since I used a template VM which had been mis-installed with this flag set.


To fix this:


Boot to single user mode

Run tunefs -p to verify if sujournal is enabled

run tunefs -j disable

run mount -o rw /

run chflags noschg,nosunlnk /.sujournal

rm /.sujournal

run mount -o ro /

run fsck /

run mount -o rw /

verify the /.sujournal is gone


boot normally.

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