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Debian: Adjusting Xen VM to run on KVM


Transfer data

copy the raw vm disk


Start with sd disk model

wrap with opennebula config etc.

use a sd disk device


adjust grub setting for single user

boot, and stop it at the grub prompt

select the rescue entry

adjust it by removing the console=hvc0 entry, optionally set nomodeset to force vga mode

continue booting to single user

adjust grub defaults

boot to single user

in single user mode, edit the grub config definition:

remove the console=hvc0 entry from /etc/default/grub (options will then just read "")

edit /etc/inittab and disable the getty entry for the xen console hvc0

(actually hvc0 is the device for ibm power partitions, but anyway, comment it)


update grub

run update-grub2


select final the disk driver

shut the vm down

switch it to the "VD" virtio disk driver


boot the vm again

that's should be it.


Install VM tools

On other OS acpid handles the shut down of virtual machines by simulating a press of the power button.

Please install it using

apt-get install acpid

Due to some Debian specialty that doesn't yet work. But I'll update this page once I know what else needs to be changed. You definitely need acpid anyway.

On more recent Debian you might wanna check those dependencies carefully.



note: you might also want to change the mac address to not be in the xen mac addr range (00:16:3e).




for the guest agent: in theory it should be possible to install. I didnt' find it anywhere.