How to use rule based configuration if you never figured how things work.


08:58 < folivora> Gday
08:58 < folivora> How I can rise network error rate for one host
09:07 < folivora> I know how I can change global valua
09:07 < folivora> but cant figure how to determine extraconf for certain host
09:11 < darkfader> cmk -M if :)
09:11 < darkfader> check_parameters

07:18 < folivora> Gday, could someone point me how to configure if_default_error_levels for single host. MY ALL_HOSTS
conf is fine, but I need to change one hosts error rate. After reading manual, I cant figure out how
to properly add / change this


<screenshots of doing it via WATO>


<warn about averaging being "fake">


<dont show complex stuff since this is read by people already confused>