Systems monitoring - Check_MK and Nagios

What makes monitoring *monitoring*?


There are tools like the Nagios eventhandlers and the Check_MK inventory that allow to build a feedback loop of system changes and monitoring. Even before inventory was added Check_MK could already define quite smart rule-based monitoring that allows enforcing monitoring of assumptions about systems, like "Linux & DMZ & Webserver: must have a running IDS".

Of course these policies must be implemented using Configuration management, but Nagios monitoring can't be lied to. If someone breaks the config/infra managment system, then Check_MK will still be able to alert you that the system is very much out of policy.

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  • Installation guide, overview of different omd sources
  • Basic system monitoring and setting up rules
  • How the inventory check works and how you can use it
  • Defining host tags
  • When / how to still use host groups / service groups
  • link to GPLhost DTC wiki monitoring article
  • inline scripting



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