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Intel syscfg


Intel's syscfg is the go-to configuration utility for managing the Intel RMM2/3 modules from OS level.

It allows you to reset them in case of issues and gives you nice opportunities in managing your BMC (i.e. setting host name to asset tag should be possible)

Unfortunately it's a 32bit utility and not easily installed.



We installl some dependency packages to make it compile. The first is probably overkill, but it helped. Then we also add the most basic set of libraries in 32bit versions since Intel only delivers a 32bit version of the tool.

yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
yum install libstdc++.i686 ncurses-libs.i686 glibc.i686 OpenIPMI
chkconfig ipmi on
service ipmi start

(warning)  Ensure your kernel-devel package has the same version as your running kernel has. Otherwise you need to cycle through yum upgrade and a reboot.

Use ldd to verify you have now installed all dependencies.

[root@waxh0009 SysCfg_RHEL]# ldd syscfg =>  (0x006d8000) => /lib/ (0x00978000) => /lib/ (0x006ed000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00e7d000) => /lib/ (0x0087e000) => /lib/ (0x001bf000) => /lib/ (0x00a27000) => /lib/ (0x00687000)
        /lib/ (0x0019f000)

Then run


Although it still gave some errors it managed to build the smi package now and loaded the library.


Running syscfg

After this syscfg should work.

[root@waxh0009 SysCfg_RHEL]# ./syscfg
                 System Configuration Utility Version  5.0.1 Build 27
                 Copyright (c) 2003-2011 Intel Corporation

Edit: For me it still only worked in the compile directory. Not sure yet how to fix it

Links (interesting, they state the web ui is brandable)

intel rmm3 syscfg download page (⟨=deu&OSVersion=Red%20Hat*%20Linux&DownloadType=%0AUtilities%2C%20Tools%20und%20Beispiele%0A)