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The DPT / Adaptec Raid controllers come with a monitoring utility called either DPTUtil or Raidutil.

I copied dptutil to a server and tried running

./dptutil -L logical and got the error Engine connect failed: Open

On FreeBSD this seems to be related to shared memory congestion, on Linux this isn't the case.

To fix the error on SLES8 SP1 I did the following:

modprobe i2o_config

(didn't help I think)

strace dputil -L logical

and saw it looked for "dpteng" in various places.

Proper fix:

mkdir -p /usr/dpt/bin
cp dpteng dptutil /usr/dpt/bin

If you don't know where to find them, look for dptapps-2.27-6.i386.rpm on the Adaptec website. There you can always find the newest release (of this 10 year old software)

 If you wanna monitor the controller from Nagios you can grab the monitor plugin I wrote - get it from the Check_MK Exchange!

Some interesting addon info: